Daily Savings Club: The Next Great Thing


Daily Savings Club

Sliced bread. It regularly receives accolades as being the last greatest thing.

Not the Internet. Not the automobile. Nope, sliced bread beats them all. Not any more!

We have something that rivals the greatness of sliced bread. It's called the Daily Savings Club®, and it allows you to save every day on the best birdfood in town and no cards to carry with you!

For an annual membership fee of only $25, you'll receive 15% off ALL your regular, every day bird and wildlife food prices and an ADDITIONAL 5% OFF SALE PRICES of bird and wildlife food at OUR BLASDELL Wild Birds Unlimited storeThis card cannot be used at other locations. Each is individually owned!

So as prices rise around us all, you're guaranteed to get the best price on the best birdfood in town - every day. Now that's a great deal.

And by joining the Daily Savings Club, you'll get a $10 Bird Buck for every $200 dollars you spend on any merchandise in the store.

You'll also be rewarded with a FREE gift as well as Club-member-only specials each month.

We can tell you when you come in how much you would have saved in the past year if you had the membership already. This has made it very easy for customers to realize their savings! Many have already signed up!

So take a seat sliced bread. There's a new "greatest thing" in town. And it's happening at Wild Birds Unlimited in Blasdell!

Stop by the store this month for all of your nature needs and be sure to ask us about joining the Daily Savings Club. Make sure we have your correct email address! You save everyday with 15% off ALL birdfoods! You and your birds will be glad that you did.

We hope you are as excited as we are to take part in this new everyday program. ALL BAG SIZES OF SEEDS, SUETS, CYLINDERS, MEALWORMS, EVERY BIRDFOOD ITEM IN THE STORE! 15% OFF! EVERYDAY! FOR ONLY A $25 MEMBERSHIP FOR A YEAR!!! No cards to carry! And a $23-$25 retail gift for joining that we feel will help you enjoy your birds even more!
Happy 25th Anniversary to us!