Here's a random hummingbird fact - the average hummingbird found in North America tips the scales at around three grams and its brain only makes up about 4% of its body weight.

That means that their BB sized brain weighs in at a very minuscule 0.12 grams!

So, with such a tiny amount of brain power, just how do they remember a thousand mile migration route that ends up at the same exact nectar feeder they used last year?

It's a truly amazing feat! Especially when you consider that the human brain weighs in at a whopping 1350 grams and some of us (who will remain nameless) always seem to have trouble remembering even the simplest things…like the recipe for hummingbird nectar!

It's important to remember that the simple recipe for hummingbird nectar is the 4:1 ratio - 4 parts water to 1 part white table sugar. This concentration has proven safe and attractive to hummingbirds for decades and closely mimics the average concentration (20%) of the natural flower nectar on which hummingbirds feed.

Hummingbird nectar should always be made from simple table sugar (sucrose) as it is the closest possible duplicate of natural flower nectar. SugarNectar Defender alternatives such as honey, artificial sweeteners, raw sugar, organic sugar, brown sugar or additives such as preservatives and red dyes should not be used as they can potentially be harmful to hummingbirds.

Be sure to visit us soon and we can help you with the simplest way to make pure nectar for your hummingbirds by using our WBU Nectar Bottle. Just fill and shake. It's that simple! You will never have to worry about remembering the recipe again! It is safe to store this mixture up to 2 weeks in your refrigerator before it's time to make a new batch. Longer than 2 weeks, bacteria starts to grow!

If you wish, and we are thrilled with this product, we now have NECTAR DEFENDER! We use this every hummer season and customers are just as thrilled as we are! After mixing 4 cups water to 1 cup sugar into your Nectar Bottle, just ADD 1 TABLESPOON of NECTAR DEFENDER! You no longer have to change the nectar twice a week in your feeders and you no longer have to throw away the leftovers after two weeks in your refrigerator! In fact, I have had it outside for 5 weeks and it was still crystal clear. It is totally safe for your hummingbirds containing only micro-nutrient copper. TOTALLY SAFE FOR YOUR HUMMINGBIRDS! Try it today! Love it as much as we do!!!