WBU Cylinder Cafe

Our Cafe Cylinder Feeder, added to our WBU family of quality feeders, is one of the best! Painted with a Black powder-coated metal paint, it can withstand our WNY weather. The Cafe holds our seed cylinders (including the large-sized No Mess, Woodpecker, "Bug, Nut, & Berry", Cranberry, and Supreme Blends), our WBU Stackables, and tall suet cylinders. It also has 4 perforated (for drainage) divisions which serve as the tray bottom. Fill the tray sections with any of our WBU BlendsBarkButter Bits, or mixed nuts. Attaching our seed cylinders to the center post is as easy as turning a knob underneath the feeder, sliding the post up the center of the seed cylinder, and then, just locking the knob back into place with another turn! Nothing is easier! No other metal feeder looks as classy on our APS Pole System! Customers have commented, when first seeing it inside our store, that it is much larger than they thought when watching the video at home. They were pleasantly surprised. It has been a very hot seller. Stop in to see for yourself!